All About Sony’s Triluminos Display Technology

Everything you need to know about this Sony’s Triluminos Display is covered on this page.

Question: What is Triluminos Display technology?
Answer: Launched this year, Triluminos is a new backlighting method (let’s say “display technology”) from Sony that will enhance the quality of the displays on your smartphones, phablets, and TVs. Devices using Triluminos Display technology will be able to recreate vivid and more realistic images with wider and in-depth colors, something that is not possible through many other display technologies.

Question: How is the “quality” of the screen improved?
Answer:  Triluminos Display technology uses “quantum dots” — a semiconductor technology that uses “tuned” nanocrystals so small that they exhibit quantum properties, emitting light only at predetermined wavelengths. The resulting displays reportedly see as much as a 50 percent increase in color gamut, or the range of colors that the screens can reproduce.

Question: Why Triluminos Display when we already have TFT?
Answer: For long, Xperia phones had TFT displays. Many fans criticized the washed out colors of such displays. Even the viewing angels were really poor, which forced Sony to take the next logical step. This is why Triluminous Display was introduced to the world, first on TVs and now on phablets like Sony Xperia Z Ultra. Here is an example showing the difference between ordinary screen and Triluminos Display.


Normal display screen without Triluminos Display


Display screen with Triluminos Display

Question: How Does Triluminos Display Work?
Answer: An uncoated LED is passed inside a thin glass tube that is packed with red and green quantum dots. When the dots get blasted with electricity, they emit light at specific wavelengths. This wavelengths will be combined with the blue light from the LED forms a white light that’s more intense. The resulting mix is more vivid and vibrant colors on the screen.


Question: Is Triluminos Display Better than LCD panels?
Answer: According to MIT, Triluminos display boasts a color gamut that is 50 percent larger than that of a conventional LCD panel. This is because LCD displays use a white backlight that passes through red, blue, and green filters to form the color while in Triluminos Display the white backlight is replaced by a blue LEDs — I believe blue LEDs are used because they are cheaper compared to the rest.

Question: Is Triluminos Display the only superior technology?
Answer: Remember that Triluminos Display is Sony’s effort to enhance the display of various devices. We also have other companies, like Samsung and Apple, with their own display technologies like Super AMOLED and Retina display. Which one is better will always be a debate.

Question: Which gadgets have Triluminos Display?
Answer: The Sony Bravia TVs  (X9 and X8 series), bluray player, the Home Theater system already have this display technology. In the future, Sony plans to integrate Triluminous into every gadget — including cameras, camcorders, and even the smartphones.

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